Mwanablogu toka Kenya, Sanaa, anayeishi Finland anatoa ushauri kwa wanaotaka kwenda kusoma Finland. Kwanza utaelimika na pili utacheka sana. Hivyo jiandae:

Is Finland the land of milk and honey or ice and black bread...
plus all sorts of weird sausages?

You decide.

So many people after reading my blogg have emaild me and asked me on how to apply for schools in Finland and are in a rush to come and study here...well, i don't know what image i painted of Finland (esp to the people in Kenya as they seem to compare everything with worse off kenya and seem to think every place is better than Kenya even Iraq)

My intentions are not o misguide anybody...and to save myself the trouble or replying every single email on How to get to Finland ...Fastest way to get to Finland!
am going to write it here and you can decide on your own.There are two types of institutions for adults in finland.Polytechnic and Universities. Both offer the same kind of studies leading to undergraduate degrees and have small differences such as ..in the Polytechnic you MUST attend class and in the University you can do as you please, read on your own but have to attend exams.

Well that just applies to us foreigners...you miss school for three days and they send the dogs after you! cops rather lol.Both Universities and Polytechnics have a Bi-annual application period..one starting on January to end of feb. and the other in the months of spring....April to summer....june. The schools in the capital city have a shorter and earlier application period than the schools outside the big cities.On application if you pass the preliminaries...u know essays and crap then you get invited for an Entrance exam.. If you applied for a school in Helsinki..they invite you to do an exam in Finland...meaning you have to get a short visa which will only be extended when you pass your exams. If by any chance you come to finland and fail your entrance exam...you must return t kenya...and Finland is not one of those places where you hide at your friends place for a month and leave the house at night. you just have to go back.

It helpes to apply for several schools at once so you can have the option of sitting for many entrance exams and depending on your IQ you have increased chances of staying.If on the other hand you apply for a school in smaller cities (gishagi) then you will be invited to sit for an entrance exam in KENYA at the Finnish Consulate. If you pass then you can apply for for a visa.Well , on being granted a visa you have to deposit 6000 euros (lol) in a bank account in Finland under your name...sio ile u take your mothers bank statement with 4 million and take it to the embassy. They only need 6000 euros in your account in a Finnish bank in Finland.well, whoever said that living in Finland is a circus must have lied. Its hard to live in Finland. If your not living in the big cities which are only 3 then your life will be a living hell.

Nowdays the embassy is cautious on issuing visas for schools that are in big cities coz they want to make it harder for African leeches to enjoy their free education and free metro rides (lol) Education is free but rent and food is not lol...If you have to move to Finland...your parents must be very rich or you must have saved up some crazy loot to last you through the Great Finland Depression which lasts close to 3 years for everybody..because after three years you can be able to at least say hello and good night in finnish.Its not easy to get a job and its nearly impossible esp for people living outside the three big cities Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu.

People living in big cities...if they are lucky they will land a cleaning job yaani janitor..(we call it kazi ya Dj coz you get to spin the floor) if your even luckier you will get a Hotel job( house keeper...cleaning out used condoms n dirty linen n crap like that...or a kitchen assistant...just standing in the kitchen and having the chef gossip about you in their weird language...thank God you wont understand...or you can be the dishwasher...dunno why they call it that coz there is a dishwashing machine...your bound to develop some muscles after cleaning industrial size sufurias lol)

People in smaller cities are most of the time jobless and if they are lucky they will land a Newspaper delivery boy job..we call it minoxia (minox ama boder border only this time you don't have chicken on your bicycle but wet ,heavy newspapers..that pple throw in the trash soonest you deliver them) lol where you have to wake up at 3.00 am and drag your bicycle in the snow with bulky (heavier when wet) news papers...Elevators are an un common thing in apartments here coz the people like to keep fit! so you have to drag your 60 news papers up the 6 floors...i can assure you people who deliver newspapers are under 50kgs in weight...as if dragging newspapers in the snow is not worse...you finish the deliveries at about 6.00 am in the morning and you have to rush home like a vampire before day break....Only to go home and drink a cup of coffee and rush to school..because if you miss school then they call the cops on you...Its always safe to keep your bags packed in case of anything say deportation...and trust me when they dont want u here they use all means to deport you..like drugging you with paralysing (coma inducing) drugs and throw you in a plane to Kenya.

If your among the chosen few in the gishagi cities you may land a floor dj job (janitor)....and it doesnt get better.Well surviving and paying bills is one thing and staying in school is another. School may be free even for foreigners but if your a foreigner you have to pass in school every year if not...your visa will be revoked which is renewed every year...with the same amount of money 6000 euros.

Cops from time to time demand for your bank statement...and transactions to see how you spend your money...if you have insufficient funds...or if you have suspicous amounts of money from nowhere...yeah its that bad!I hope by now you have a clear image of what its like to study in Finland...if you cant take the heat of all the above...you can do like the rest of the world does...get married or get pregnant..(thats a different story all together.)

Finland may be one of the safest, less populated, cleanest cities with little criminal acitivity..but it s most definately not a place where you can holiday while studying. This is one of those countries that has so many old people with so much money...it should be more of a Retirement Home...due to the clean air....less population and hefty price of items. You either have a lot of money while coming here or a Game plan that works.

When i moved here,i knew about the benefits of studying and living here..but no one told me the cons of this shitty place...i blame my friend (unajijua) and still blame her but like they say..invite a friend to share your misery and its lessened by half. You need to be of strong character to survive here utoto yote unawacha nyumbani. Its maddening and am still in the process of losing my mind..i guess it explains my maddening behaviour and rants on this blogg.

Oh and one more irrelvant fact about Finland...Finland has the largest selection of bread in the world and when you get invited for dinner and have to eat black salty bread that tastes like a mix of pancake and marram (lami) ...do not by any means throw away any piece as it is considered bad luck...and Do not eat the last piece of black bread as it is considered taboo and will ensure an everlasting supply of food in the house.....(and i thought wajinga waliuwawa..kumbe walikuja finland)

Hope this has been informative to all who have been asking me on how to study in Finland.

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